Frisbee Dog Performers

The original Frisbee Dog Show since 1982, nobody can duplicate the excitement and enthusiasm that is always generated by this exciting show that highlights the charismatic “human star” of the show with three World and six National Frisbee Championship titles among his extensive credentials.

Our human star’s incredible talents included the perfect Frisbee tosses for the legendary Ashley Whippet, the dog credited with beginning the sport professionally. As Ashley Whippet neared retirement, our human star began his own spectacular team of Frisbee Dog Stars, the K-9 Comets.

Together with his wife they perform at NFL and NBA half time shows, state and county fairs, festivals, and special events. They have been on The Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and countless other local newspapers and TV stations as well. The K-9 Comets are always a delightful PHOTO “PUPPORTUNITY!”   Your guests will surely remember their “Paw”formance for years to come!