How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy Seminar

Healthy Seminar

Ingo Loge is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he is also certified as a C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach. During his more than 26 years of athletic and fitness experience, he has been the recipient of two Presidential Fitness Awards. He has been involved in training programs for the physically challenged as well as a U.S. Special Forces Team. Education has always been at the forefront for Logé.

He is a consultant and lecturer to national fitness franchises as well as to Fortune 500 companies. Locally he has conducted life-changing programs for associates at the JW Marriott Desert Springs and Renaissance Esmeralda.

Seminar includes:

You are what you eat and when you eat it.
How to have a healthier digestive system and how to eliminate toxins.
How to choose foods through reading labels for food additives, coloring and preservatives.
How to avoid food allergies and food sensitivities.
How water affects your body and why.
How stress is affecting your health and body weight.
What correct breathing and mind body work can do for your health.
How to understand your own personal sleep patterns.
Corrective exercise for your own personal fitness needs and how to do them properly.

Above is a photo of Ingo’s supermarket tours. He can bring some of the supermarket to you for your seminar and teach how to read food labels.