Marionette Magic

Marionette MagicThe magic in all Marionette Magic productions is that they are all variety shows! As variety shows, the productions can be customized to fit your specific theme, venue, and age group of audience!

Whether you are looking for entertainment for your child’s birthday party, booking a show for your library’s summer reading program, pre-school, looking for entertainment for your Senior Center, or coordinating an elementary school assembly, the performer will modify and adjust the presentation of the show to make it appropriate to your venue and age group. No matter what age, everyone loves marionettes!

Marionette Magic has over one hundred and fifty professionally hand crafted marionettes–a lifetime of work. That means you will see a fresh new and different show each time. Puppets stand about 18-20 inches tall and are animated with moving eyes, mouths and eyebrows.

All shows run one half hour and feature approximately nine-ten puppet characters. There is also a forty-five minute show which includes a fifteen minute educational puppet workshop that follows the puppet show. This is great for school and library shows. During the workshop the children will explore the wondrous art of puppetry. A collection of puppets from all over the world will be shared and touched. There is also a one hour show that includes a puppet making workshop. The children will make their own hand puppets! This is a great craft activity especially for children’s birthday parties and school shows. The puppet making workshop involves coloring, cutting, and pasting, and is geared for ages 3-10. This fun activity will keep the kids busy and open the world of puppetry to them as they perform with their own puppets.

Shows have been performed all over southern California. Marionette Magic has performed for Donna Mills, Marvin Davis, John Laraquette, Luke Perry, Vannah White, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Santa Monica College Children’s Performing Art Theater, Pacific Bell Co., American Airlines, The Vintage Club, La Quinta, General Electric, Orangewood Children’s Home, Pacific Care, The City of Beverly Hills, the Mayor of Brea, Capitol Records, numerous shopping mall Kid’s Clubs, hundreds of private shows for children’s birthday parties, adult parties, and company parties throughout the year.