Tracy Moss

Tracy Moss

Tracy Moss is one of today’s most exciting and unique entertainers. She started her training at the tender age of four in her native, southern California and has become on of those rare performers of many talents singing, dancing and acting, with a WOW! personality. That’s not all.

Tracy Moss is the hottest jazz harpist you’ll ever see. She can really make it talk. She has appeared in numerous TV commercials as a spokesperson for various products and is also a big favorite in Las Vegas, where she has appeared in some of the top hotels, including the Sands, Riviera and Flamingo. A special room was built for her at the famed Tropicana hotel, where she had an extended, smash engagement and she has attracted faithful audiences in up-tempo Tahoe-Reno area, as well as Atlantic City.

It comes as no surprise that with Tracy’s Sensational training and talent she has appeared with the Los Angeles and Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra and shared the spotlight with pianist Roger Williams on a 30 city national tour. Ms. Moss’s following extends enthusiastically to far-flung corners of the world, as she has appeared on tour in the Far East, starred in the Château Luarier in Ottawa, Canada, and is big, in box offices in Caracas, Venezuela, where she has performed in nearly two dozen top TV variety shows.

Her act is dynamite. Variety says,…”zing…loads of personality – her act is well-rounded and so is she.


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