Antony Field

Antony FieldThe first son of two musicians, Antony Field was surrounded by talent growing up. His father was the founding member of Cold Blood, an R&B band of the 60‚s San Francisco Experience -his first album produced by the late Bill Graham- and his mother was an accomplished jazz/blues vocalist. Though he studied classical piano for over 6 years, it was not until as a senior in high school that Antony had a hint of his future.

“At the time, I was very in to U2. I remember reading about Bono’s respect and admiration for Frank Sinatra, and the first duets album had just been released. Something inside just clicked when I heard Sinatra sing. From that moment on I started collecting more and more of his albums, as well as singers of that same pop standard style: from Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Mel Tormé, and Joe Williams to Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, and Shirley Horn.”

It was not until the urging from friends and family that Antony decided to take vocal lessons. At the age of 21, and in the fourth year of college at UC Berkeley, his future was about to take shape. “I knew right from the start, that if I was going to start singing, it was something that I not only wanted to be good at, I wanted to be great. By the time I finished my degree in Architecture, I already knew that the only career I wanted was as a singer.”

After college, Antony moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. He has pursued his craft wherever and whenever possible; sitting in with musicians, and eventually landing gigs around town. In the winter of 2001, an opportunity came along to submit some of his original material to a movie project. The movie, “Totally Blonde”, with singer Michael Bublé, featured two of his songs and gave him the confidence that he could not only sing the music he loved, he could write as well. “It was a great experience. To write and hear my songs in a movie was really exciting. The feedback I received was overwhelming, and really was what prompted me to envision doing an album with my own songs comprising a majority of the work.”

A year later, and with more experience under his belt, Antony decided it was time to undertake the challenge of making his own album. The result is a blend of a few of the standards he loves and a collection of original material that will introduce Antony as a talented singer and a songwriter who will impact the industry for years to come.


  1. Red Light 0:30
  2. A Kiss From You 0:30
  3. What a Waste 0:30
  4. The Tender Trap 0:30
  5. A Girl 0:30
  6. All I Think About 0:32
  7. It Was You 0:30
  8. Our Yesterdays 0:30



Anthem is a 70s classic rock experience that pays homage to the virtuoso musicianship and masterpiece compositions that proliferated during that decade. Songs are specifically selected for Anthem based upon their ground-breaking influence during this most competitive and romantic period in Rock and Roll history.

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Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys

Lightnin’ Willie

Emerging from the clubs and bars of the U.S. Blues scene, Lightnin’ Willie is an accomplished and hard-working guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Now based in Los Angeles, Willie is a seasoned musician and talented songwriter who has paid his dues. With four albums under his belt, this eloquent storyteller has his own story of time on the road, personal loss, fresh beginnings and an over-riding of love of playing the “Devil’s Music.”

Originally from Texas, this bluesman’s years of steady gigging have given him as much polish as his performance. He is tall, with an expressive face, piercing eyes, and the kind of confident all-American swagger that allows you to walk up to total strangers on the street and introduce yourself.

Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys are by no means destitute. IN fact the musical vein the mine is rich indeed. They steer away from dry academia and combine a seductive exchange of swinging Blues and R & B with a hint of Rockabilly. A lively, interactive, face-to-face approach to their music has had audiences waiving their banner throughout the United States and Europe for over ten years.

Willie is a brilliant musician who engineers an unforgettable journey. He orchestrates a delicately balanced show, opening with powerful blues, rich vocals, and slide guitar. The band offers an incredible serving of great musicianship featuring the superb rhythm and background vocals of D.C. Olsen (Bass), Tommy Gunn (drums), Billy Burke (guitar) and searing harmonica of Giles King. Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys deliver a tight, high-energy performance packed with style, wit, and an unabashed sensitivity to a medium that will leave you feelin’ anything but the blues.

  1. Track 1 4:11
  2. Track 2 5:42
  3. Track 3 4:20
  4. Track 4 3:46
  5. Track 5 4:08
  6. Track 6 5:21
  7. Track 7 6:44
  8. Track 8 3:49

Stan Watkins Big Band

Stan Watkins Big Band

The Stan Watkins Big Band is comprised of 7 to 16 members and play the music of the golden age of the Big Band era. The band plays the sounds of Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Harry James, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, Perez Prado and many others. Stan, the band leader will be there to sing the memorable crooner songs and play some of your old favorites from that bygone age and of course as with all of Stans groups; Rock and R&B can be tastefully added upon request.

  1. Wine Roses 1:18
  2. Mambo #5 0:51
  3. Sing Sing 1:14
  4. Patricia 1:10
  5. Mellowtone 1:35

Listen to their Latin sound here:

  1. Upon Proof 1:57
  2. La Bamba 1:56
  3. Mamaguela 2:30
  4. Reloj 2:31

Tropic Boys

The Tropic Boys Band, led by Patrick McCaffrey, is comprised of top musicians from the convention, concert, and recording industry. Patrick McCaffrey has performed and recorded with artists such as Bob Seger, Blackfoot, ZZ Top, and the Clark Sisters. Doc Severinsen of NBCs Tonight Show fame recently described Pat’s abilities by saying he is “the only person I’ve seen play sax, keyboards, and bass pedals simultaneously, and play them so well!”.

Playing Tropic, Latin, Caribean and ‘Beach’ music, the Tropic Boys Band is constantly in demand because of their ability to perform for either small to large size groups or conventions. With their own charts and arrangements, this band can add female vocalists, extra brass, and other instruments, to be any size or style required.

Tropic Boys

Island Joe and his Tropical Band and Kokonut Joe

ISLAND JOE and his TROPICAL BAND specialize in a style know as “Trop-Rock”. It is a fusion of music that melds Rock, Country, Reggae, Calypso, Cajun, Hawaiian, Afro-Cuban and Folk all together typified by artists such as Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley and Harry Belafonte. This is a global approach to all age groups and crosses cultural barriers, making them popular with the most mixed of audiences.

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The Standards

The Standards

The Standards are five brothers from Twin Falls Idaho; all eagle scouts, ranging in age 21-29, with an impressive five octave vocal range. Performing for over nine years, The Standards are fast becoming one of the top corporate acts in the country. They provide their audience with a performance and sound they will never forget. They features energetic choreography, comedy, audience interaction and the sounds of yesterday and today. Audiences of all ages have been thrilled and energized with The Standards’ professional high-energy shows. They are also amazed it is al performed TOTALLY ACAPELLA, without the use of any instruments of any kind. Even the drums are produced, using only their vocal cords.

Currently being hailed as “one of the hottest up and coming musical groups of today,” The Standards bring a cappella music to new heights with their unique style. They have performed all over the country from everything to cruises, corporate meetings, and fairs to schools, colleges, and performing arts centers. In addition, they have recorded five albums and have sold over 50,000 CD’s at concerts. They are currently working with record executives to strike a deal to move them to the next level.

  1. The Brown Eyed Girl 1:20


The Singing Bus Boys

Singing Busboys

What happens when your dinner staff stops serving and starts singing?

In 1995, at a banquet in San Francisco, that’s exactly what happened. There was a birthday in the house and a group of young servers, who also happened to be talented singers, ended up performing on the spot for astonished guests. The crowd went wild and The Singing Bus Boys were born.

10,000 dropped forks, 5000 silly questions and 13 years later, the Singing Bus Boys continue to serve up the best in surprise entertainment.

Your guests won’t know what hit ‘em.


Boyz Nite Out

For over 10 years, BNO has electrified audiences with their unique blend of musical talent and impressive entertainment style! Specializing in original, cover, pop and golden oldies music, BNO uses their all mouth musical abilities – no instruments – to tantalize audiences all over the country, with phenomenal results! Having opened for groups such as Ray Charles, ELO, Michael McDonald, and many more, this group’s wealth of experience makes them a true entertainment “wow” for any corporate event or occasion.

BNO has rocked thousands with their high-energy thumpin’ pop/rock acappella – featuring tight-locked harmonies, phat vocal bass, bumpin’ vocal percussion, and incredible songs. What we love about the California based all-male sextet, besides their song selection, is a) their energy, spirit and love of the music and b) their great arrangements and vocal percussion and c) they’re spot on key and d) they nail every song as you absolutely know they do in a live performance. Great stuff! Looking for a “wow, how do they do that?” factor … BNO is the group! Either as evening entertainment or a unique way to start off a general session, we know their unique kind of chemistry is sure to translate well with any group.


Perfect Gentlemen

Perfect Gentlemen

The Perfect Gentlemen, a blend of vocals, versatility & vaudeville! This is a group made up of four performers of unparalleled talent. Dan Jordan is a gold medal winning lead singer with the New Tradition of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Jim Campbell anchors the group with low notes he expertly honed while singing with the famous Dapper Dans of Disneyland. Tim Reeder adds to this great mix with his knack for uncovering hilarious musical gems, amazing period vocals & his expert instrumental accompaniment, from his years with the 1930’s era jazz group Vocalworks. Phil gold rounds out the performance with his high notes. A gift he perfected with quartets in the touring stage musicals City of Angels & Forever Plaid. These four entertainers complement each other in a way that is nothing short of well, “Perfect!”

This is a group that is fun for all ages & something you’ll remember seeing & enjoying for a life time.


Pat McCaffrey and the Whiz Kids Band

Pat McCaffrey Whiz Kids

The Whiz Kids Big Band, led by Patrick McCaffrey, is comprised of top musicians from the convention, concert, and recording industry. Patrick McCaffrey has performed and recorded with artists such as Bob Seger, Blackfoot, ZZ Top, and the Clark Sisters. Doc Severinsen of NBCs Tonight Show fame recently described Pat’s abilities by saying he is “the only person I’ve seen play sax, keyboards, and bass pedals simultaneously, and play them so well!”.

Playing soft instrumental dinner music to swing, Latin and energetic dance music, the Whiz Kids Band/Big Band is constantly in demand because of their ability to perform for either small to large size groups or conventions. With their own charts and arrangements, this band can add female vocalists, extra brass, and other instruments, to be any size or style required.

Pat is also available in other genres as well.


  1. Jump Jive Wail 9:43

King Kelly

King Kelly

King Kelly is a premier variety dance band that combines the elegance of a New York City nightclub act circa 1940, with a repertoire that spans the decades from the “Fabulous Forties to today’s Top 40.” Their music ranges from the songs of Nat “King” Cole and kings and queens of Soul. Also popular are their renditions of songs from Mexico, Brazil, Italy and France. Vocalist Damion Willis is a rising star that has pleased audiences with his smooth yet powerful voice and his charismatic presence. King Kelly is a perfect choice when your event must cater to a wide variety of people and ages.


  1. KingKelly02 3:00
  2. KingKelly03 4:55
  3. KingKelly04 4:31
  4. KingKelly05 3:27
  5. KingKelly06 2:31
  6. KingKelly07 3:49
  7. KingKelly08 3:40
  8. KingKelly09 4:49

Bob and Donna Brown

THE choice of top party and event planners representing sophisticated and exclusive clients. From the highest-ranking philanthropists and diplomats like Ambassador Walter Annenberg to show business luminaries like Bob Hope having them play for his 65th wedding anniversary, Bob and Donna Brown are the crème de la crème choice for quality entertainment.

You’ll join a very select group of elite and discriminating clients who demand the absolute finest and be given a privileged glimpse of how the most important people in the world entertain their guests.

A Who’s Who of celebrity clients agree that Bob and Donna Brown are renowned as the Desert’s most distinguished and respected musical group.

Bob and Donna Brown and their musical performers
have been privileged to perform for and with:

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hope, President & Mrs. Gerald Ford, Ambassador & Mrs. Walter Annenberg, Sonny Bono, Mr. & Mrs. Gene Autry, Astronaut Col. Buzz Aldrin, Frank Sinatra Invitational Golf Tourney, Jack Jones, Norm Crosby, Jack Carter, Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. Monty Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis James, Ginger Rogers, AMC Cancer Research Center, Sun Microsystems, AT&T, Viacom, Marriott Corporation, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation.


  1. Demo 7:23

Texas Jackhammer

Texas JackhammerThe Texas Jackhammer is a travelin’ group of musicians that have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of music. As the world turns, the Texas Jackhammer keeps playin’ and singin’, gettin folks dancin’. Hearin’ the Jackhammer live is a waking up experience that will get your boots movin’.

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The Kelly Rae Band

The Kelly Rae Band is a 6-piece, Southern California-based, high-energy country band that has been delivering crowd-pleasing performances to audiences from around the world for more than a decade. Kelly Rae takes pride in providing exciting, memorable, live entertainment for corporate events, casinos, weddings and private parties.

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