CSI (A Modern Day Murder Mystery)

Right now – As you read these words – A diabolical murder mystery plot is hatching. Someone is weaving a tangled web of deception. Devious minds are working overtime.

You are enjoying cocktails in a fine dining establishment. A shady and sinister character enters the room. He looks around and then leaves quietly. A moment later he returns with a scream… and a knife protruding from his chest. He falls dead at your feet! Murdered!


Almost immediately a police detective appears on the scene and starts asking questions. Just where were you at the time of the murder? Moments ago you were sipping an exquisite Martini and chatting with a distinguished doctor and his charming wife. Now they do not seem so charming or distinguished. In fact, the doctor left the room shortly after the guy who just dropped dead. Not surprisingly, many of the guests are eyeballing you with similar trepidation.

Now the Detective is questioning you. Think fast. Do you even have an alibi? Suddenly you are a prime suspect. Only you can clear your name. Watch closely and listen carefully as the masterful murder mystery plot unfolds over a tantalizing evening. Can you follow the clues and avoid the red herrings to solve the mystery? If you are successful you could win a grand prize. If not, you could be spending some time behind bars.

Your personal “CSI” event includes:

Mystery evening will include a cast of 3.  Also included are props, prizes, blood and anything else needed for the perfect night of suspense, intrigue, laughter and …  MURDER.  Client is given a pre-questionaire that can be completed  without anyone knowing that certain, shall we say “secrets”, may surprisingly show up in the script.  Making each CSI event unique!


A small backstage area to store the props, prizes and a dead body!