Handwriting Analysis

Paula A. Sassi, Certified Master Graphologist, has achieved the highest level of certification in the art and science of graphology and holds a B.A. in Psychology and Adult Education. In 1980, she established her private practice, Handwriting Consultants International, and later formed a corporation, Paula A. Sassi, Inc. that serves a diverse group of clients in the areas of personnel selection, behavioral profiling and compatibility analyses.

By correlating handwriting strokes and styles to personality traits, Paula provides valuable insights that help employers hire the best candidates and build winning teams as well as resolve conflicts. A published author, she has helped both adults and children improve their handwriting and learning abilities as documented in her professionally published book, “Better Handwriting in 30 Days.” She also co-authored four course books in handwriting analysis which are available through her school, The Academy of Handwriting Sciences.

As editor of “Handwriting Insights,” a five minute handwriting analysis kit, Paula provides a fun and interesting way to learn the basics of graphology. Her career includes numerous appearances on TV and radio broadcasts, both nationally and locally. In her hometown of San Diego, California she is considered the resident expert on handwriting analysis. Her work has been highlighted on Fox News Live and on the talk show, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” For the past two decades, her newspaper and on-air analyses of well-known personalities such as Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Mosther Teresa, Donald Trump, members of San Diego baseball and football teams and many others have captivated and intrigued audiences.

Paula has presented numerous lectures, workshops and seminars on handwriting analysis for corporations, clubs, social groups and conventions. Her workshop on Team Building has been utilized by companies such as Qualcomm, Ernst & Young and various Chambers of Commerce. She also offers a sales seminar entitled “Insights through Expressive Movement” that enables salespeople to gain insight into their potential customers simply by analyzing their signatures. These valuable lessons are especially useful in Real Estate, Financial Planning and many other high investment sales environments. At conventions, Paula invites visitors to pen a positive statement about the company’s product and then analyses their writing as a form of entertainment and reward for visiting her sponsor’s exhibition booth. Her skills invariably make that company’s booth the most visited exhibit at the convention.

As a speaker, consultant and author, Paula offers a unique way of learning how to understand yourself and others through handwriting analysis.

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