International Peace Choir


Founded in California in 1987, our mission is to promote world peace with our theme song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.” Each six through seventeen year old child represents the country of his or her own ethnic, cultural, or national background. The clothes they wear are carefully researched and designed. These costumes introduce our audiences to the dress and costumes of distant lands.

The International Peace Choir has performed at the Opening Ceremonies at Dodger Stadium for the 1991 Olympic Festival, and were part of the Rebuild Los Angeles “Stand and Be Proud” video at the Hollywood Bowl. We have also performed in Coca-Cola’s “Salute to the Olympians” at the Sports Arena and at the Olympic Torch Run at the Coliseum.

Our history is rich and beautiful and we plan to continue building for the future. With our beautiful songs of love and peace, our goal can one day be accomplished.