Socrates the Toucan and Khevin

Socrates the Toucan and KhevinKhevin and Socrates the Toucan are an incredibly great duo. They are corporate and kid friendly and their audience always goes away talking about the fun they had and what an enjoyable show they just witnessed. Khevin is a talented musician and world class magician. He was an original graduate of Walt Disney Elementary school and a former cast member at Disneyland.

Khevin brings the Disney philosophy, excitement and performance standards to all his shows. This is an interactive, multimedia show combining inspiring commentary, theater, amazing robotics, special effects and magical illusions. Khevin’s co-star Socrates the Toucan is a very talkative, computer controlled and life-like animatronic bird. All programs feature magic and songs about animals, biology, ecology, natural history, Earth science, robotics and astronomy. The primary theme for the shows is imagination and creativity. Khevin can customize his show to fit your audience.