Catch a Wave (Formerly known as Beach Toys)

When Disney began its search for an authentic tribute to the The Beach Boys, Catch a Wave were hands down the choice for them. Disney is known for its top quality choices in entertainment around the world. They were also the first choice of Holland America Cruise Lines.

Catch A Wave (Formerly: The Beach Toys) have traveled the world performing theatrical venues, major casinos, major fairs and events as well as Disneyland, Disneyworld and Las Vegas! Catch A Wave (Formerly: The Beach Toys) have performed around the nation with their show to standing room only audiences. They have also had the privilege of performing for the legendary Brian Wilson, The “Real” Beach boys and their families and friends receiving a huge “thumbs up”!

Members of the Catch A Wave (Formerly: The Beach Toys) as well as the unbelievable Brian Wilson Band have paid their personal complement’s to the Catch A Wave (Formerly: The Beach Toys) for their tremendous detail. The unbelievable harmony work and blend nails “spot on” the Southern California vocal surf sound so identified with The Beach Boys’ music.



  1. 409 (Live) 1:10