Jay Alexander

Jay AlexanderTrade Shows • Sales Meetings • Custom Scripts
Apple Computers, Microsoft and Varian Semiconductor have all had Jay create illusions customized to their needs. Whether it’s a trade show, sales meeting, product roll-out, incentive luncheon or gala dinner, Jay can work with you to create a signature moment.

Jay has used Travelers Insurance’s trademarked umbrella to spear a chosen card out of the air. For the United States Postal Service, Jay mailed a package to the conference director a week ahead of the show that was revealed to hold a $100 bill borrowed from the audience that same evening.

Jay Alexander’s specialty is magically producing the guest of honor. Have your CEO appear in place of a caged tiger, a burlesque dancer, or out of thin air.

Use your conference theme, your corporate branding, your imagination and Jay Alexander to design a one-of-a-kind experience for your audience.

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