The Jay Show

The Jay ShowJay Alexander onstage means high-energy, intellectually stimulating entertainment. Funny and engaging, with a unique personality, Jay creates magic with the audience.

In a “meeting of the minds”, Jay can reveal the words, names, and dates merely thought of by the audience. “He is the master of bafflement!”

David Crosby, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young There’s more mental dexterity as Jay shows how cool math can be as “The Human Calculator”. The most unusual card tricks are performed in a hilarious and mystifying manner. To top it off, as “the Human Lie Detector,” Jay offers $1,000 to any audience member who can lie to him without getting caught.

“Every time I throw a party I make sure Jay is available first. Jay has this personality that is so perfect for magic. He can keep a party going.”
Steve Wozniak, Apple Computers, Co-Founder
More than Magic, a Jay Alexander show defines FUN with style, wonder and laughter.